My Feelings Matter

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About My Feelings Matter

"My wish for My Feelings Matter is that it helps children and families everywhere communicate easier & for us all to learn how important emotions are".

Sara Stace

My Feelings Matter

My Feelings Matter


What people are saying..

"A big wrap especially for kids over five - and really helpful for those with ASD and struggling to understand big feelings. So often inappropriate behaviour is driven by big ugly feelings, really excellent for homes and schools".

Maggie Dent

Author, Speaker, Influencer

"The children at my family day care love using your feelings book. We work on and we regularly discuss together how we are feeling and how to work through it".

Carlene Cox-Newton

Childhood Educator, Author, Influencer

"A truly wonderful resource for parents & educators. My eldest two have been diagnosed with ASD, and this will help us immensely. It was written perfectly, the illustrations captivating and the layout with the practical guidance - I could rave about it for ages!".

Melissa Works

Mother, Store Owner

New book coming 2020!


MOSAIC - a book of prose + poems


"A collection of the souls fragments unfolding then being pieced back together". 

"I was created to be read slowly, pondering the words and investigating your own truths. Muse with  it. Sit with it. Let my words help reveal whatever is ready to be seen by you. When your worth meets your purpose, you will know. I wish to see people everywhere living their life though their highest calling. To know they are worthy and move through their pain”.

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