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My Feelings Matter

My first book My Feelings Matter is a children's feeling book. It is incredibly special to me. It's main aim is to help with children learning about feelings. The book is an early learning support aid.  Children who can learn to understand their feelings during early childhood through books such as My Feelings Matter, may develop a positive sense of self, stay calmer during stressful times and be confident in themselves as they grow. It may also help them with developing healthy relationships. 

My Feelings Matter is a children's feeling book that helps young ones learn to identify what a feeling might look like, we do this through our child friendly illustrations. We then look at the possible related behaviours and how to talk about them.

The book My Feelings Matter has been really well received by the public. We have been named as one of Early Childhood Australia's top children's books for 2018! Learning about feelings is important and can be a life long tool that children can use. The My Feelings Matter book is especially helpful for those who have children on the Autism Spectrum. Learning feelings for children with Autism can be difficult, but hopefully my book can help! Let's start learning about feelings for a better world. Sara 

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Maggie Dent - Feelings Book
"A big wrap especially for kids over 5 - and really helpful for those with ASD and struggling to understand big feelings. So often inappropriate behaviour is driven by big ugly feelings. Really excellent for homes and schools". - Maggie Dent
Books for children with Autism
"A truly wonderful resource for parents & educators. My eldest two have been diagnosed with ASD, & this will help us immensely. It was written perfectly, the illustrations captivating & the layout with the practical guidance - I could rave about it for ages! // Melissa from - Works At Play
Books for children with Autism
"The children at my Family day care LOVE using your feelings book. We work on & we regularly discuss together how we are feeling & how to work through it. - Carlene Cox-Newton
Books for children with Autism
"He loves it! He flipped through the book to see all of the different pictures. I am excited to explore the book with him and see it help him be able to express and recognize more deeply about the way he is feeling.- Jess, Mother & Childcare Director
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