Sara Stace
Mother, Author, Writer, Counsellor

You found your way here. Hi. 

Firstly, let me say thank you so much for being here.  I do hope my online space can serve you.


You'll enjoy it here if like me you love to savour the sweet and simple moments in everyday life.


And, if you feel that you have forgotten what that feels like, even better; stay.

Stay and let's slow.things.down. together. 


My new blog "Simplicity returns" will be all about me connecting with you and the world around me without the use of social media. I have clocked out. It feels wonderful and the vortex can survive and so can I without me on there. I've spent the last nine years on Instagram and longer on Facebook and I can wholeheartedly say, I couldn't be happier to be saying goodbye to that chapter. I can breathe and it's time now to gather inward and share from a space of presence and consciousness. Allowing my energy to always be unintentionally dispersed on the internet is no longer an option. This is how I will be able to serve you better. 

Creating through writing, photography,  art, gardening,  musing, nature,  is just part of who I am. But I find these blessings all too often lose their magic when I stop to capture them for social media. I am taken away from that very moment. The one I was gifted. Instead I wonder if it will make a "worthy" post, an "interesting" one. I don't care for that anymore. I will write only when the heart calls for it. I will share only when needed. No more adding to the noise. 


Listening to your stories about who you are, what makes you become alive? Lights up my soul and is one of the reasons I am here. Studying counselling has confirmed one thing for me and that is the importance of listening. Being silent. Allowing someone to speak and be heard for what may be the first time in a long time. Talking things out and making a plan is often all we need to allow for the necessary life shifts. 


I am currently working on my second book and it will be released this year! It is a book of short writings made up of prose, poetry; musings of my life. It has been a period of reflection and stillness that has resulted in my next creation. I am so excited to be bringing it to life this year and can't wait to share it with you. 

I am a mother to two beautiful boys who keep me on my toes. They have an energy that I am not sure I will ever be able to keep up with. I’m sure many of you parents out there will relate! But parenting also comes with lessons daily on how to let go and be more in the moment. This is priceless and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

My first book which you can find on "Shop my books" My Feelings Matter was created for my eldest son who is on the Autism Spectrum. We had many hard days trying to learn and understand such big emotions when he could not yet verbalise them. I knew if I could get someone to create visual images that were simple and child friendly that I could help him identify how he may be feeling, then maybe we could avoid the dreaded meltdowns that came with frustration. I knew I could put into words how us adults could assist their child or student and how the child may possibly be feeling, and this is how the book came about!

I am thrilled to have it at the stage where it is being shipped to you guys all over the world. I truly feel that it will help so many children and families be able to communicate and connect with more ease.

Please get in contact if you feel –


Shall we stay in touch?