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Healthy Alphabet Learning Cards now come in digital download PDF form.

Many wonderful weekend mornings were spent at my local markets taking photos of produce to use for our alphabet cards. What a wonderful way to be able to teach our children about healthy and real food!

We hope you enjoy using these alphabet learning cards for your children as a wonderful learning resource. Providing learning tools in many forms to our children will enable them to learn literacy and letter recognition over time. We love being able to bring that to your family or work space through the use of these healthy alphabet cards.  

Our healthy flash cards have vegan recipes on the back of each card to correspond with the letter on the front of the card. What a great opportunity to connect with your children by picking a recipe out together and getting them involved in helping you make it. Most children love to cook and get messy in the kitchen. Our healthy learning cards will bring a joy to both you and your children when you use them together. 

  • Easy to recognise upper and lower case font
  • Bright photos of real and healthy produce
  • Vegan friendly recipes on the back of each card
  • Fun facts to learn about the fruit or veg on the back of each card
  • Can be printed and laminated for durability
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