Hi I'm the face behind the My Feelings Matter book.

I am a mother to two beautiful boys and Author of the popular children's resource book My Feelings Matter. 

My first book My Feelings Matter was an idea that came originally from wanting to create feelings flash cards for my eldest son. I then decided at the last minute to turn it into a book to make it more easily accessible. I had created my own feeling cards at home for Hudson, my eldest boy who is on the Autism Spectrum. The idea was to see if he could remember to grab one off the fridge when he couldn’t talk to me but could maybe identify with a visual. We had many hard days trying to learn and understand such big emotions when he could not yet verbalise them. 

I knew if I could make visual images that were simple and child friendly that I could help him identify how he may be feeling. This way I could know how he was feeling. At the time anything I could have done to avoid meltdowns (which were so very frequent at the time) I would have tried. I decided that this could work for other children especially those with special needs, so I set to work! 

I am thrilled to have it at the stage where it is being shipped to you guys all over the world. I truly feel that it will help so many children and families be able to communicate and connect with more ease. 

I am in the fifth year of running this online space where I have created flash cards, an ABC poster, pregnancy & birth cards and now this book is another creation that I have enjoyed bringing to life. 








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