Mother, Children’s Author, Writer and soon to be Counsellor.

Here’s what I can’t fit into an Instagram bio..

Firstly, let me say thank you so much for being here. You may have come from Instagram @_sarastace_ or Facebook @Sara Stace or you may have read my children’s book My feelings Matter. Either way hello, I do hope my online space can serve you.

My first book My Feelings Matter was created for my eldest son who is on the Autism Spectrum. We had many hard days trying to learn and understand such big emotions when he could not yet verbalise them. I knew if I could get someone to create visual images that were simple and child friendly that I could help him identify how he may be feeling, then maybe we could avoid the dreaded meltdowns that came with frustration. I knew I could put into words how us adults could assist their child or student and how the child may possibly be feeling, this is how the book came about!

I am thrilled to have it at the stage where it is being shipped to you guys all over the world. I truly feel that it will help so many children and families be able to communicate and connect with more ease. 

Please get in contact if you feel by email – sara@sarastace.com
Instagram - @myfeelingsmatter
Facebook - @Sara Stace







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