• Sara Stace

A reminder to savour the simple moments.

It's early, 5.36am and I can hear this noise. A strange noise, I assume it is the neighbour sneezing or something. I keep hearing it though, so hop out of bed to peer out the window and see what it is. I am here.

This sweet baby Kookaburra is perched up on a palm tree next to my window. My heart automatically makes its way to my face to make me smile.

His Mama, who I spotted down on the grass when I was admiring her baby; sees me. As far as she is concerned, I am a threat; so she flys on up off the grass and perches next to the baby. I am all here.

She begins to loudly sing her morning song so very merrily, the one that us Aussies know so well. Most, unlike me; would not appreciate her song at 5.36am. But again, I can't help but smile to myself. I am here.

The thought crosses my mind that had it been an ordinary day, I may have very well missed this. I would have, if anything, been annoyed slightly by her loud song. But this morning, because I am off my phone and not habitually scrolling through social media...I didn't miss this simple moment of joy. (Remembering as Brene would say, joy is not possible without gratitude). I am all here.

I see this as a gift from God, from nature. Gratitude is present for this very special moment that after three years of living here, I have not witnessed like this. Thank you Mama Kookaburra for your song.

I hope sharing this special and simple moment with you, that it is a reminder to slow down. Being fully present in my life allows for more of these memories to be captured in my mind and appreciated. I don't have a photo for you all like I usually do on Instagram. I was too busy smiling. I was all there.

Have a beautiful day guys, Sara. x

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