• Sara Stace

A shift in perspective.

This week has been a week where I have had to sit with myself and slow down, when all I want to do is get answers and move forward.

Sometimes the timing is not right to move forward in life. Sometimes I think we are being shown to sit with the uncomfortable. I personally find this very hard to do.

It seems easier instead to not push myself to seek within and instead seek without.

Asking opinions of others is my classic go to. I am however, slowly getting better at not doing this as often. It's hard when at the click of the finger tips we can have friends or family right there to ask, "what do you think"?

I challenge you this week to try and sit with yourself, answer your own questions before you ask others. By the way, the reason some of us do this is because we are so afraid of making mistakes. So we try and and get all the answers first.

Many lessons have come this week and one is - "ask for what I want". I so often am afraid of the possibilities and the courage it takes to ASK, that instead I settle.

Ask yourself while you read this, am I settling for beige maybe's or am I asking for Golden yes's!!!! I decided that I do not want the beige, I want the gold! This is OK. It's more than OK.

I want you to know how quickly things have been transpiring for me this week from finally saying with ALL MY BEING "Inhale courage, exhale fear and ASK". It has been incredible that by speaking my truth gently and sitting with it also, that I have been provided for.

I leave you with two poems from my new book Mosaic, that really put this week into perspective for me. (Thank you to those who have backed my Kickstarter, you're legend's! There is still 27 days to go for those who have not had a chance & want a first edition copy of the book.)

I hope they speak to you today.

Sara xx

Each time we loosen our grip on beige maybe’s, we make room for the brightest of golden YESES!

This is the secret to moving toward your purpose. letting go

The perpetual suffering will continue.

It will echo until such a time when you are ready and willing to

behold your worth.


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