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Deleting social media

It's moving slower, everything is.

I'm sitting on the back deck, the wind is cool on my skin and everything just is.

It seems brighter, it seems deliciously full of life. I notice how green my backyard is from all the recent rain. I smile as I watch my two dogs scratch around the backyard. So joyful, on this cool summer morning. I hear the birds, the insects are humming.

I also take note of how I am feeling. I take note of how easily I can breathe. Sounds silly right? But it's true, it's almost like I can breathe with more ease. I take note that there is no where to be. There is nothing to report on, or post habitually on my stories/feed. I take note of this inner peace that I feel. I question if it could be from the very fact that I have not been on social media for the last two whole days.

Ok, if you're laughing at me not with me then you may not understand. But for those of us who use the app multiple times a day this is how it was/is.

The constant flow of unnecessary information that comes into my mental space each day has slowed/stopped. It can't be this easy, surely.

Where are my withdrawal symptoms? No seriously?

It can't be this simple, that just by removing apps from my phone and focusing on my immediate world that I am physically a part of; peace returns.

I am here to tell you, it really was that simple for me.

Today, like yesterday (which was Christmas Day); I'm here. All here.

I removed my socials off my phone on Christmas Eve. It is not the first time I have done so. In fact, I have lost count of how many times I have removed them. Always in a bid to gain a bit of control back over where my energy goes.

I go through stages where it is almost as if a mini awakening happens. A shift. I realise how much time I waste on them. Not even on purpose. I realise how much time they steal from me. Unintentionally on my side of things, but intentionally on the creators of this social media world.

They have me right where they want me, which I have come to believe; is wasting time and spending my energy/money on their apps. I always have been convinced that I need them for my business, as an Author; to sell my book and "to "connect".

How will I sell it without them? I am led to believe that I am missing out on knowing what is happening with people. But here is the catch, I also realised that the time I waste on social media, reading comments, posting, liking, direct messaging, replying, seeing snippets of people's "life"; (which more often than not is not really how things are). It is just how they appear. Just like that, I am led into a false sense of belief that I "need" to be on socials.

Instead I start to imagine what life and business would look like for me if I invested the same hours into networking in my local community. Daydreaming, creating, pottering, listening, reaching out to friends and family. Not on social media but by calling or popping around. Parenting from my heart space of presence (over having to stop and take a snap shot of our activity). Just like that, whenever I do; the moment given graciously to me is lost.

I let my mind imagine just what that would feel and look like. I must admit, I really like it. It excites me beyond what I can explain. I wonder what magic would become of me returning to the world where I am only here, not on a screen constantly plugged in and available.

I have had this feeling before in regards to socials. I was clued on enough years ago to know my consciousness was slowly being changed and swayed to only see what the makers of these apps wanted me to see. To change my mind about political agendas, people, places, clothes, products. Of course also to end up down "rabbit holes" as they are now so commonly known in the tech world. This has happened to me more times than I care to admit. This has led me into crippling anxiety where I am unable to function how I need to.

I always found myself justifying why I needed to re-open the app on my phone, but I never was quite able to set those healthy boundaries that others maybe could.

Times have changed and social media is NOT what it use to be. It is now ads by the millions, marketing, algorithms, noise. Noise that I can no longer commit to adding to. I feel that many other feel the same. Do you?

We have lost sight along the way, forgotten what is really important. What connection really means. I guess I am sharing my thoughts on my new blog because I want people to get curious. I want to share how amazing I feel over a week later, I want community to return and never leave again.

Let's try and slow down the information we input in? Together? Let's become more aware of just what how easily and unknowingly we are giving our sovereignty over.

"All you need is inside you".

Thanks for being here.

Sara Stace.

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