• Sara Stace

Simplicity returns - a new Spotify playlist

Good morning beautiful readers,

The sun is finally out here where I live and it has inspired me to share a playlist I created on Spotify with you.

Music has long been an inspiration for me. Depending on my mood (which is ever changing), it can be the driving factor for which music I will put on in our home.

Music has the ability to turn an ordinary moment, I believe into an extraordinary one.

It can evoke feelings of nostalgia. It can be the very inspiration that moves us be creative. It can be an opportunity to get our frustrations out, a chance to dance away our worries and literally sway, shake and move through our anxieties. It has been used since the dawn of time to worship, praise, bring together, connect, heal and bring joy.

If you wish to take a step into something a little slower, a little different; a little more simple but not in the least bit boring - then will you give Simplicity Returns on Spotify a listen.

My wish is that it will bring a little peace into your day, or even perhaps a sense of joy, nostalgia and love. Also, that it will be a reminder to slow down. Pop it on while you do some art, while you write, while you read to your child or even when you just want something in the background to break what silence there may be.

Remembering as always to cherish the joy in the everyday through gratitude for the simple moments.

Warmest - Sara.

Ps - Feel free to let me know what you think of it, or let me know what music means to you.

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