42 stunning birth and pregnancy affirmations to welcome your little one.

The perfect way to stay present and focus each day on the positive.

These were created a few years back in collaboration with Meraki Labbe. The very talented artist whom I had the pleasure of working with.

These cards were created after a traumatic birth with my first son.

When I fell pregnant with my second son I worked with a doula and she said to me one day “Sara, Stay present, fear does not exist here”.

That quote was so powerful to me that it went up on my toilet wall. Along with many other quotes that she gave me. Whenever I would start to panic, I would call her or read these quotes and it helped.

It helped me so much to trust in myself that I ended up having my second baby born into my own arms in a birth pool safely at the hospital with no intervention.

After Vander’s birth I collected all my favourite birth quotes, found an amazing artist to work with on design and turned them into my beautiful Pregnancy and Birth Affirmation Cards available for women to purchase and have with them to prepare for their birth and enjoy their pregnancy.

Best birth blessings to you all. Sara x

Birth and pregnancy affirmations printable