My Feelings Matter, a children's feelings book was created for my Son. Understanding feelings is something that we have had to work on together. Through working on this he has thrived! Sharing and verbalising how he is feeling does not come easy and has been the cause of many hard days over the years.

Learning about children's feelings is so crucial to early childhood development. It helps build healthy relationships

and have a good sense of personal well being.

My Feelings Matter, a children's feelings book helps children and adults to recognise what a feeling might look or feel like, how we can understand the feeling better, how we can express that feeling in a healthy way and how to manage the behaviours

that may come with that emotion.

Children who can learn over time to understand their feelings during early childhood through tools like a children's book about feelings, may develop a positive sense of self, stay calmer during stressful times and be confident in themselves as they grow. It could be simple to us, but to children it can be incredibly hard to find the verbal words or opportunity to speak to us.


Once they are given this opportunity with a book like My Feelings Matter, they can learn to tell us and it can reduce anxiety, fear, stutters, meltdowns in their tracks. I have had first hand experience with this.

It is my belief that all children want to share about their feelings but just don't have the skills on how to start. Often we adults don't either. This book is to help us parents, teachers, therapist's and carers to help children recognise, name and manage feelings. We often forget how little these people are and that they are learning feelings sometimes for the very first time.

Visual images like the friendly and simple illustrations created for our book by Tamara Hackett are a great start. Children can now become familiar with feelings, emotions and even senses.

Our book works by having your child point to the picture if they are unable to verbally communicate or struggle in this area. You may ask your child to flip through and find a picture on how they feel. Often they may not know until they see a visual.

The My Feelings Matter book has sections "how I am feeling" and "how you can help". Becoming aware and mindful of how our children may be feeling will be an amazing help in your families and children's life.

My wish for My Feelings Matter is that it helps children and families everywhere communicate easier

& for us all to learn how important emotions are. Much love Sara.

My Feelings Matter

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