My Feelings Matter

- Latest Release -

New book coming 2021


MOSAIC - a book of prose + poems, musings from the heart.


"A collection of the souls fragments unfolding then being pieced back together". 

"I was created to be read slowly, pondering the words and investigating your own truths. Muse with  it. Sit with it. Let my words help reveal whatever is ready to be seen by you. When your worth meets your purpose, you will know. I wish to see people everywhere living their life though their highest calling. To know they are worthy and move through their pain”.


Feeling balanced?

Most people when you ask that question, wouldn't know what balance feels like..

I myself have had my fair share of NOT being in balance. Can I be honest with you and say, it takes constant work. Being present. Being active and consistent to make this happen for you. 

I have had to shed time and time again. Unhelpful people, places, behaviours. All of this takes time and self discipline. 

I have come to realize though, that there is nothing more important than working towards this balanced life. Why? because once you feel it and experience it, you are a better human for it. A better Mother, a better partner, a better worker. You will begin to want to push through discomfort, towards the best version of you. 

I have come to realize that constantly being switched on and available online prevents me from being at my most creative and available to life's everyday miracles. Available to you also. I believe we were never meant to have access to the amount of information we have access to, no matter how beautiful it may seem. Simply put, it is leading to a world full of mental health crisis and short attention spans, where overwhelm & desensitization is experienced sometimes daily. A perceived sense of "stress" constant.

I wish to listen to others and assist them to see where their own balance may be blocked. If you would like to have more time? Be present? Claim back your consciousness? Let's get curious together and chat. I am available to be your wellness supporter online and in person.  

Much love - Sara Stace