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What it is like to give up social media?

It's like being able to breathe fully again. 

I am referring to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tik Tok, all of them. I said goodbye to social media!

Why am I not on them? The simple answer is, I was exhausted. Actually beyond exhausted and on the way to my body surpassing fatigue. I was no longer able to cope with the smallest of tasks with ease some days. 

OK, so I admit that the fatigue was from many things, renovating, studying, children, home-schooling, iron issues, just life. BUT and this is huge, social media was adding to this. I am a highly sensitive person and for empaths like me, the world of socials can be a nightmare on top of everyday life. 

My soul was craving to be connected. Connected in real life. Not the fake "connection" we are led to believe is being created on social media. Connected to my calling, to life, to creativity, to God, to simplicity, to family, to friends and especially to nature. A gift I believe can cure most of life's problems. 

If you are on social media often and you are a highly sensitive person or an anxious person then please realise what this can do to your body & mind. Think adrenals, cortisone levels, dopamine levels, perception of stress, perception of the world, anxiety and depression symptoms. Yeh, it really is that full on. 

Simply put, we were never designed to have access to this much information at the press of a button 24/7. We were not created to know about what is happening in every part of the world simultaneously and everyday. It's a disaster for our mental health and our physical health too. 

We have been led, I believe to be scared of giving them up. We question - "how will we "connect"? "How we will be able to sell our product"? "How can we reach customers, friends, family"? We fear we won't be "social" anymore. The good old "FOMO". But along with this comes having to set constant boundaries. What if we were never taught this or struggle with this? Then we are left wasting many hours where we are getting notifications, commenting, defending, blocking, liking, commenting, scrolling, selling, chatting all the while being convinced this is necessary. But is it? I don't believe so. 

It's all very exhausting for many of us. 


I am here to say beautiful humans, it couldn't be further from the truth. We do not need social media to "connect". 

What if we start to look at what that means in a different light? In a real light? 

When you disconnect and unplug from the matrix (for lack of a better word), that is social media; you free up so much time! You become more in touch with what is really happening, right in front of you. Your perception of stress suddenly changes and you realise, it was only just that; perceived stress. You don't have to be a part of it. 

You won't miss out! You will instead receive all that is meant for you. 

You don't need to know the latest of what is happening in all corners of the globe unless it affects your home life or job right now. Does it? You don't need to know what so and so had for brekky or where they went on holidays, or their views on everything. Ugh, even typing this is exhausting thinking about it.

No more purchasing unnecessary products and folding to consumerism because companies & their marketing algorithms/business plans worked. It's not by coincidence that they found your demographic, your likes/dislikes and paid to have you hand picked to market to at your weakest. Most likely when you are at your most lonely or bored moments. 

You only need to be here, now, with your family, your friends, your pets, nature, in real life. Not on a screen that's always in the background. It's quite a beautiful world out there. 

I invite you to come along on my journey of allowing simplicity to return. Disconnect to reconnect. See if it inspires you. Let's get curious about our own usage and life intentions. Thanks for being here. It means so much. 

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